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Gay Marriages

I have quite a few friends who are both gay and lesbian and they are married. Lots of people say that there are differences in gay and lesbian marriages, but I am not so sure about that. I am not going to claim to be a relationship specialist but I have come across a little bit of everything during my time at London escorts. It seems that we are into all sort of types of relationships and marriages these days, and some of them work better than others. I do a lot of dating for the escorts for couples London escorts service, and their marriages seem to work very well.

It took me a little while to figure out why a bisexual woman may find it easy to be married to a straight guy, but I have learned that most straight guys are happy to explore a bit. I have met a lot of bisexual couples working for London escorts, and I think above all, it is honesty and communication which make these relationships work so well. To be honest, I think, from what I have seen at London escorts, bisexual ladies make really good wives. They are kind of exciting to be with.

Gay guys married to each other will work as well. As I don’t date any gay guys at my London escort agency, I cannot really look into their relationships, but from what I see from my friends, is that a lot of these relationships work well. As long as they are honest with each other. Gay guys do have a tendency to fall out of love with each other rather quickly, and I think they need to be careful. As far as I know,w e don’t have any gay male London escorts at the moment, but perhaps there should be.

Lesbian marriages seem to work a bit better. Women tend to hang on in their a bit longer, and of course, women are better at communication as well. We have actually had a few bisexual London escort girls go completely lesbian and this is why I have a bit of a better insight into these kind of relationships. Most of the girls that I know pretty well at London escorts, have been together for a long time and seem to still enjoy each other company today. Longer lasting relationships could be the key difference.

When I get into a serious relationship, I would like it to be with a man, but I want him to be able to tolerate my sexual needs. I am always completely honest when I meet new guys, and I tell them that I have bisexual and that I work for London escort girls. Some of the may get turned off by that, butt he majority of them are okay. If they are not interested in taking it further, most of them just say that they are not into bisexual ladies, and that is fine with me. Honesty is always the best way forward in any relationship!…

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I wish that more gents would open their eyes, and find out that there lots of hot babes in London. Girls like the escorts at Islington escorts, just prove that you don’t have to be an elite escort to be hot. Yes, it is nice to have experience, but I think that all girls who decide to become escorts have something special about that them. You will find them all across London, and it does not matter if it is in Islingtonn or not, all of these girls are precious pearls for us to look after.

Islington escorts could easily be one of the top London agencies. I know that it is in north London, but does geographical location really matter with sexy ladies. It probably does not matter at all, and what really matters is that the girls are super sexy, and ready to go. If you are looking for hot, kinky and perhaps even risky ladies, you should check out the action in Islington without fail. All of the hot blondes and brunettes are all there and out of all of the sexy vixens, I am sure that you will be able to find your ultimate hot babe.…

Gay Sexual Satisfaction Similar To Straight

People ask if adult individuals report experiencing greater sexual satisfaction with members of the same sex or with the opposite sex. According to an article in Psychology Today online,, the surveys on sexual satisfaction report that the experience is somewhat the same, although gay/lesbian lovers seem to have less arguments over sex, as they understand the needs and feelings of their partner’s sexuality as it is much similar to their own.

Some of the results of the adult responses are predictable. Men in adult gay relationships are more focused on anal play; and women enjoy vaginal play. One surprising difference is that although men peak earlier sexually, they stay interested in experiencing a hot sex life longer, with partners gay or straight. Women tend to find lesbian relationships comforting, as females enjoy non-sexual touch and want foreplay before climax more than men. Both sexes; however, say they have the same orgasm satisfaction, whether they are in same sex or opposite sex partnerships, according to their sexual preferences.

An insightful article by Kathy Labriola, who is a counselor and nurse,, reports that one forgotten group are bisexuals, adults who enjoy sexual satisfaction with their own as well as the opposite sex. Bisexuality is the most diverse form of sexual orientation as some bisexuals start out as straight and may even be in an adult straight relationship before experiencing a same sex encounter. Many women, particularly before the 21st century, have been married to closeted gay men and wondered why their sex life dwindled to non-existence after the initial rush of courtship. These men could not sustain a sexual relationship with a woman because they actually preferred men or had fantasized about being with a man while having sex with their wives.

Some bisexuals live a straight life for appearances but enjoy a same sex relationship for variety, emotional satisfaction and/or one-time experimentation. There are also closeted bisexuals who suffer silently with same sex attraction, keeping their secret from their spouses, family and friends for a lifetime. According to many sources, there is also a reverse trend of straight men and women pretending to be gay. This deception includes having the other person work hard to “convert” them.

However one looks at it, adult sexuality is complex, and sustained sexual satisfaction in a partnership seems to depend upon being with the right adult, of whichever orientation they choose.

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