Are you sure that you are really bisexual?

Ever since I left Tottenham Court Road escorts, I have kept up with the gossip so to speak. At the moment, it seems to be really into be bisexual, homosexual or a lesbian. But, I am not sure any of it is true. I think that a lot of people are changing, or flipping their sexual orientation, just to be fashionable. Looking at some Tottenham Court Road escorts at, I notice that many of the girls claim that they are bisexual, but I do wonder if they really are. When I worked for the service, there were very few girls who were genuinely bisexual.
I am beginning to wonder if a lot of Tottenham Court Road escorts are just flipping their orientation to keep up with other girls out there.
To be bisexual seems to be the hottest thing out there at the moment, and I feel pretty certain that this is why so many Tottenham Court Road escorts state that they are bisexual. They like to make sure that they get a bigger slice of the pie by going on duo dates and getting involved with escorts for couples. Yes, I am sure that many girls maybe bisexual, but not the majority.
If you start looking at other escorts services outside of Tottenham Court Road, you will soon see that few of these none Tottenham Court Road escorts, claim to be bisexual. Surely, if everybody is coming out why other escorts apart from Tottenham Court Road escorts shouldn’t also be coming out. For instance, I would expect a lot of Essex girls to be bisexual as well. It is probably true that we are getting more comfortable about our sexual orientation, and talking about it, but I still think a lot of people are using it as a bit of a fashion statement.
The problem with using your sexuality as a fashion statement, is quite simply that you may be doing damage to people who are genuinely bisexual or lesbian. I know some Tottenham Court Road escorts who are bisexual, and they are often a bit disappointed, or annoyed, at their Tottenham Court Road escorts colleagues who claim that they are. My friend Shirley who is actually bisexual says it makes a mockery out of things, and girls who are not actually bisexual, cannot deliver a duo date in the same way. Shirley is convinced that many Tottenham Court Road escorts services are shooting themselves in the foot by offering none genuine girls.
I agree with Shirley. When I worked for Tottenham Court Road escorts, I tried to be as genuine as I could be and I never claimed that I was bisexual when I knew that I wasn’t. I really can’t see the point and I believe that you can be as every bit as hot as a bisexual girl. Okay, duo dates may be outside your range of work but does that matter? I was always really busy anyway, and my one-on-one dates kept me really busy. There is no way that I would have stated that I was bisexual, I simply had no need to.

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