Are escorts forced into escorting?

There are so many myths surrounding London escorts. The vast majority of them are urban myths and I have started to believe that people get a kick out of making up stories about London escorts. Not all men date escorts, but there are some men who would like to think they know everything. That being said, there are a lot of women who think they are clever when it comes to escorting and invent all sorts of crazy stories. Sometimes when I pick up a paper, I do come across stories about London escorts. Not all of them are made up. Sadly at times, they are genuine, and there are in fact people out there who coerce women into escorting or even sex work. Many of them are vulnerable young girls from abroad and they end up working as what is called a London escorts. Are they genuine London escorts services? I would not call them that.

Most of them have been set up to allow a person to make a lot of money from cheap prostitution services. I would help if the government bit the bullet and started to legalise London escorts instead. If genuine London escorts agencies where licensed and approved, I think that it would make a difference. There are so many countries which do so. You will find that Australia is one of them, but you can also count Denmark and Holland. Making it all above board would give the girls who work in the adult entertainment a chance to say safe and pay tax at normal rates.

I think it would help a lot, But not only that, it would be a chance to find out what the adult industry in the UK is really worth.Working for London escorts is not the only job I have had since I joined the adult industry in London. One thing all of my jobs have had in common is that they have all been half hooky if you know what I mean. All of the payments have been a cash transaction. Even when I worked in a topless bar in Soho, the guy I worked for wanted to pay everything in cash. It was sort of tough to deal with and very frustrating at the same time.

Most girls who work for London escorts have a problem being legit. When I wanted to buy my flat, I turned up with everything in cash, and the lawyer who handled the sale looked horrified. I had to explain to him that I had earned the money abroad but I am still not sure if he believed me or not. It was awkward. If we became legit, I think that London escorts would get a better name as well. London escorts are often seen as cheap tarts, and most girls that I know, are far from being cheap sluts or tarts. Maybe we will see some changes with the upcoming Brexit, but I am not even totally sure about that.

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